Parent Functions Matching Activity

18 December 2014
In deference to my love of card sorts, I thought I’d share one of my favorites for parent functions.  

Parent Function Matching Activity - free activity download  |

Full disclosure:  I did make this during the summer because of all the cutting.  It didn’t take me that long to make, but I don’t like making things like this during the school year.

First, I glued graphs of the parent functions onto the inside of a folder and had them laminated.  This step is totally unnecessary; I don’t know why I did it, at the time it felt necessary

Parent Function Matching Activity - free activity download  |

Then, I cut out all the cards.  You can grab the editable file here.  Feel free to add or delete extra stuff.

Parent Function Matching Activity - free activity download  |

Because I felt fancy when I was making this, each category of card is a different color.  

Then, the students can match the information to the different graphs.  I have my students do this as their warmup everyday until I feel like they have everything memorized.

Parent Function Matching Activity - free activity download  |

Parent Function Matching Activity - free activity download  |

What do you do to help your students remember the parent functions?

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  1. The editable file downloads as an 'Unknown File Type' which will not open on my PC.

  2. Thank you for your time. I like what you post.

  3. Ricardo, I think I fixed it for you. Sometimes on my Mac I delete the extension. I added it back in, so it should work for you now!

  4. I really love this! I don't do the cubed function, but I like that they have to be more hands on about it. I have a discovery activity with transformations, but not an activity with the parent functions other than making them do the "dance moves". Thanks for putting in the effort AND sharing!

    Lindsey Mann - Great Falls High School, SC

  5. I love anything that makes them actually have to move around! I'm glad you like it and I hope it will be useful to you!


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