#MathDollarDeals in December

03 December 2016
#MathDollarDeals in December

Happy December!!

I don't know about you, but I'm SO excited that winter break is so close!  It's time for some rest, time with family, good food, and REST!

In the spirit of the season, some of my friends and I are putting TWO secondary math resources on sale for just $1 each Tuesday in December.

3 Ways to find the $1 Stuff

  1. Check out the Pinterest board each week.
  2. Search Teachers pay Teachers for the hashtag #MathDollarDeals.
  3. Check out the list below!

Absolute Value Equations Flipbook

02 December 2016
My interactive notebook pages for solving absolute value equations aren’t super fancy, but they got the job done!

I made a flip book to split the lesson into sections.  First, I reminded students of the definition of absolute value (they always seem to think it just means “positive!”).  

absolute value equations flipbook for interactive notebooks

Next, I taught students how to solve absolute value equations where the absolute value was already isolated.  I had them highlight everything inside the absolute value bars to show it more clearly.  They thought it was stupid, until we moved to the last flap, which required students to isolate the absolute value.  I still made them highlight everything in the absolute value bars so every step, so that they could see when the absolute value was isolated.  I was trying to prevent them from immediately writing two equations.

absolute value equations flipbook for interactive notebooks

On the next page, I had students do four practice problems.  They had to highlight on each problem and work with their partner.  Then, we would go over it as a class, and move on to the next problem.  Next year, I think I want to include two more problems on this page and have them be examples where students have to add/subtract AND multiply/divide to isolate the absolute value.

absolute value equations flipbook for interactive notebooks

Systems of Non-Linear Equations Ladder Activity

01 December 2016
In Algebra 2, I teach conics at the end of the year. I always include the section that includes systems of non-linear equations, because I think it’s a good review of systems of linear equations and also includes the new concepts. I love this ladder activity as a wrap up!

Systems of Non-Linear Equations Ladder Activity - for Algebra 2 or Pre-Cal

I let my students solve each system using any method they prefer. One of my favorite parts is watching them learn to figure out the most efficient method. Since all of the problems link together like dominos, students know if their answer is incorrect.  That totally frees me up from answering “is this right?” a zillion and a half times.

Systems of Non-Linear Equations Ladder Activity - for Algebra 2 or Pre-Cal, includes conic sections

I like to copy it on colored paper so I can hang them afterward.  :)  You can find this ladder activity in my TpT store.

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