Systems of Non-Linear Equations Ladder Activity

01 December 2016
In Algebra 2, I teach conics at the end of the year. I always include the section that includes systems of non-linear equations, because I think it’s a good review of systems of linear equations and also includes the new concepts. I love this ladder activity as a wrap up!

Systems of Non-Linear Equations Ladder Activity - for Algebra 2 or Pre-Cal

I let my students solve each system using any method they prefer. One of my favorite parts is watching them learn to figure out the most efficient method. Since all of the problems link together like dominos, students know if their answer is incorrect.  That totally frees me up from answering “is this right?” a zillion and a half times.

Systems of Non-Linear Equations Ladder Activity - for Algebra 2 or Pre-Cal, includes conic sections

I like to copy it on colored paper so I can hang them afterward.  :)  You can find this ladder activity in my TpT store.

Functions and Relations INB Pages

27 November 2016
I ended up loving my Introduction to Functions unit!  So far, it’s been my favorite unit in Algebra 1.  

The first day, I talked about domain and range and used my domain and range foldable.  You can see in the picture that I had my students highlight the domain and the range in the table, mapping, and graph.  Also, on the same page, I gave the definition for function and the Vertical Line Test.

Next, we did a card sort of functions and relations.  After only giving them the definition on the previous page, I had them work independently.  I checked in with them every two minutes or so.  I wanted them to THINK.  They did very well and I was impressed with their work.

The second day, I introduced function notation.  I have a previous post about how I teach function notationThis function notation page corresponds with that post.  

I also used this function machine hamburger book from Math=Love.  We went back and forth filling in part of the hamburger book and part of the function notation sheet.  Next year, I want to somehow combine the two into a more cohesive set of notes, instead of jumping around.

I had a review day after these two lessons, because I thought my students would struggle.  However, when I gave them their quiz, almost every Algebra 1 student made an A!  Yay!

I also have pages for writing a function rule and views of a function coming up soon.

Interpreting Graphs INB Page

25 November 2016
I was a little nervous to teach about interpreting graphs in Algebra 1.  However, it went really well and it was kind of fun!

First, I made this giant foldable.  I made it on legal paper, so it took the entire page of my student’s notebooks.  I'm really starting to love legal paper, ya’ll.  A half sheet of legal paper takes up the entire notebook page (nicely!).  Anyway, I used bubble letters for students to color in the emphasized words.  My students had a hard time deciding when to use a curve versus a line.

Interpreting Graphs INB Page for Algebra 1

Interpreting Graphs, Sketching Graphs, and Relating Graphs to Situations Foldable for Algebra 1

When we finished the foldable, I had my students each write a story.  Then, they traded with their partners and drew a graph that went with their partner’s story.  Next they drew a graph and their partner had to come up with a story that matched the graph.  We did a few rounds of this until the end of the class period.

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