Congruent Triangles INB Pages

I think Congruent Triangles is my favorite unit of Geometry.  I also really like Right Triangles…  Anyway, I wanted to share some of the interactive notebook pages that I used from this unit.

First, I created a flip book for congruent figures.  It was the perfect lead-in to congruent triangles.

Congruent Figures Flipbook for Geometry Interactive Notebooks - perfect intro to congruent triangles

I still highlight parallel lines and the transversal for student to see the angle pair relationships.  I think it still helps them to see the relationships.  Some of them get so overwhelmed by the diagrams that they need it simplified.

Next, I used my triangle congruence foldable.  The definition and an example are under each flap.  I had my students draw the parts of a right triangle at the bottom of the page as a reminder.  

Congruent Triangles Foldable for High School Geometry Interactive Notebooks

I taught the triangle congruence shortcuts over two days.  The first day I did SSS and SAS.  Then, I did AAS, ASA, and HL on the second day.  I created (ugly) hamburger books for practice.  The front was a bunch of copied and pasted diagrams from different places.  Then, inside I had a bunch of screenshots of proofs.  I wish I had time to type out a prettier version, but that’s going to have to be a summer project.  You can read about some of the hints I use to help my students.

Congruent Triangles Interactive Notebooks for High School Geometry Interactive Notebooks

Congruent Triangles Interactive Notebooks for High School Geometry Interactive Notebooks

As a review, I used this cut and paste activity from Secondary Math Shop.  I’ve used a version of this activity before, but I liked the interactive notebook version of this activity this year.  I had my students work with a partner to make sure their answers were correct.  Then, I displayed the answers.  I also required that students mark all the diagrams.

Triangle Congruence Activity for Interactive Notebooks

Next, was CPCTC.  I forgot to take pictures of those pages, so I’ll post them once I do!