Pythagorean Theorem INB Pages

I had fun teaching the Pythagorean Theorem this year!  My students still didn't love having to simplify the radicals, but they'll get used to it.  In middle school they are allowed to get a decimal for all radicals.  It's a hard adjustment for them!

First, I had my students write the Pythagorean Theorem in their notebooks.  Then, I used the pink foldable to help them with the steps to find the missing sides of triangles.  I found this idea from Mrs. Atwood's Math Class.  In the original, students wrote on the flaps and drew their own triangles.  I prefer to have things printed, so I made one.

the Pythagorean Theorem foldable and lesson idea for interactive notebooks in high school geometry

the Pythagorean Theorem foldable and lesson idea for interactive notebooks in high school geometry

Next, I gave my students a table of the Pythagorean Triples.  I had them work with their partners to fill in the table.  We worked the two problems at the bottom together once they had completed the table.

the Pythagorean Triples idea for interactive notebooks in high school geometry

After that, I used my Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems Task Cards.  I used the "multiple page" option on the printer to print 4 pages to 1.  Each student got 4 problems to work in their notebooks.

Pythagorean theorem word problems interactive notebook activity for geometry - using task cards in interactive notebooks

The next day, I used my Pythagorean Theorem Converse Foldable to teach about classifying triangles.  Each flap as two practice problems underneath.  I didn't do very much with the rest of the page.  I might include more practice problems or something next year.

Pythagorean Theorem Converse Foldable - classifying triangles in high school geometry

Then, I had my students do a Classifying Triangles Card Sort.  They wrote the rule in each category as well.

Pythagorean Theorem Converse Card Sort - using card sorts in interactive notebooks for high school geometry

I liked the way these lessons turned out.  My students understood everything, but still struggled with the radicals.  I'm really working on improving their algebra skills.


  1. This is so comprehensive! I especially love your resource for classifying triangles!

  2. It was me! Glad you liked my idea. Here's the link for my blog.

    1. It was! I loved the idea! Thanks for letting me know. I linked it above.

  3. Thank you for all of your information! You have been my life source while teaching Geometry and I could not be more grateful for your resources and knowledge. :)


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