Segments, Midpoints, and Distance INB Pages

This is part two of my first unit for Geometry.  You can read about the beginning of the unit here.

Day 3 - Segments and Congruence

Here I used my foldable for the Ruler Postulate and the Segment Addition Postulate.  I actually spent for-ev-er on this page with my kids because I really wanted them to understand the difference between congruent and equal.  This day I actually talked about how equal and congruent are different things.  I’ve mentioned it a few times since then too.  I’m planting the seed now so that they will remember and understand when we do proofs.  I think this is the cutest page we've done so far.  Since you know, that matters and all...

Segment Addition Postulate Foldable for Geometry Interactive Notebooks

Day 4 - Midpoint and Distance Formula

After a short vocab quiz, we did my midpoint and distance formula foldable.  I used the same little story to help kids remember the distance formula that I’ve used in the past.  I did emphasize more this year that the midpoint formula is just the average between the two points.  Once we did the foldable, I had students glue in a practice page.  The problems on the page only say to find the distance, but I had my students also find the midpoint.  Next year, I think I want to include a problem on this page where students are given the midpoint and have to find the endpoint.