Angles and Relationships INB Pages

This is part three of my first unit for Geometry.  You can go back and read about part one and part two.

Day 5 - Measure and Classify Angles

I used the Measure and Classify Angles Flipbook by Lisa Davenport.  I really liked the flip book, but it was a little long for one class period.  I liked the tab for the Angle Addition Postulate a lot because it also includes bisected angles.  I wish I would have copied it on colored paper.  Bright yellow would have been nice.  Also, I wrote the wrong title on the page in marker and had to scribble it out :(  

Measure and Classify Angles Flipbook for interactive notebooks in geometry

Day 6 - Angle Pair Relationships

My students came to school with lots of questions about their homework.  So, I made up this page on the fly before we started the new lesson.  I think this is the bones of a good page.  I want to do the same thing next year, but I will have the diagrams printed so the kids can glue them in.  It’s so hard to freehand decent-looking diagrams in the interactive notebook.  

Angles and Diagrams interactive notebook page for high school geometry

This page has my foldable for angle pair relationships.  I didn’t talk about the tabs in order.  First, I talked about complementary angles, then supplementary angles.  Then, I moved the the top tabs.

Angle Pair Relationships Foldable for Geometry
The last page for the unit was this Angle Relationships Error Analysis worksheet.  We did this worksheet together and my kids did a super job finding the error.  I wanted to explain the mistakes only using true statements.  I didn’t really explain this to the kids, but I was trying to create muscle memory and pave the way for proof writing.  

Angle Pair Relationships Error Analysis
After this, there is a quiz, review, and the test.

That’s it!  As we went through the unit, I ended up adding a few more pages than I planned originally.  It makes me a little nervous that I’m going to run out of room before the end of the school year.