Angle Pair Relationships Proofs INB Pages

I shared some of this last year, on my Beginning Proofs INB Pages post, but this year I did things a little differently.

I used this flapbook for the angle pair theorems and postulates.  This time, I had my students write out the theorems underneath the flaps and also write the shorthand they are allowed to use in proofs.  I leave my honors students a little more open-ended so that they have to fill in important information themselves.  I'm trying to help them learn how to be good notetakers.  I can't just turn them lose though, because most of them are freshmen!

This year, I added this page with two practice proofs.  It is now part of the exclusive content in my geometry foldable bundle.  I think it helped my students understand the proofs a little but better and I'm SO GLAD I had my students do the proof of the theorem.  I don't think I prove theorems enough in class and this was a good addition to the lesson.

I'm happy with the way this lesson has evolved over the years.  I think the Congruent Complements/Supplements Theorem are hard for students, but proving the theorem did help.  I think this is the best that I've taught it, and my students are comfortable with all of the theorems. 


  1. I love all of your resources,so thank you for sharing them! Isn't the linear pair postulate just the second part of the angle addition postulate?

    1. I teach the Linear Pair Postulate separately. Yes, it could be considered a corollary of the Angle Addition Postulate, but since it is a special case where the angles always equal 180, it has a special name. I require students to write "Linear Pair Postulate" when writing proofs, because it is more specific.

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