Triangle Similarity INB Pages

After I taught similar polygons, triangle similarity came next!  I’m sharing the interactive notebook pages that I used for the second half of this unit.

The first day, I only taught my students SSS and SAS Similarity.  I used a foldable that only had SSS and SAS.  I really wanted my students to get used to finding the corresponding sides.  I knew AA would be easy for them, so by teaching it the second day, I was essentially giving my students a review day, with one small new thing tacked on.  I’ve found that with some topics, this is especially effective.  

SSS and SAS Similarity Foldable for Geometry - Triangle Similarity

The next day, we completed a foldable and practice page with all three triangle similarity shortcuts.  When I told them about AA, they thought it was easy after learning the other two rules.
AA, SSS, and SAS Similarity Foldable for Geometry - Triangle Similarity
Then, we completed a foldable about similar right triangles.  I liked that this foldable had the theorems typed out on the front.

Similar Right Triangles Foldable

I split this lesson over two days.  My students completed a practice page with their partners the day after the foldable.

Similar Right Triangles Practice Page
The last lesson in this unit was proportions in triangles.  The flaps has the theorems written out, but there are examples under the flaps.

Proportions in Triangles Foldable

Similar Polygons INB Pages

Triangle Similarity isn’t my favorite unit in geometry.  I have done things in the past to make it more interesting (for me at least!).  For a few years, I used the Flip Family activity.  However, this year I just tried to make foldables that were more interesting.

First, I made a page about scale drawings.  I think next year, I will start with a day of review of ratios and proportions.  My students did ok without it, but I think I need a review day next year.

Scale Drawings INB Page for Geometry Interactive Notebooks

Then, we completed a flip book about similar polygons.  The similar figures examples worked very well for my students.  I had my students highlight the corresponding sides of the polygons in different colors so that they could see which sides matched.  It helped my lower level students.

Similar Polygons Flipbook for Geometry

Similar Polygons Flipbook for Geometry

Then, we completed an additional page of similar figures word problems.  I’m trying to get my students more comfortable with word problems and pulling out the important information.  

Similar Figures Word Problems Practice for Geometry INB

Similar Figures Word Problems Practice for Geometry INB

Then, my students did a number line activity to practice.  When I copy the background on colored paper, they look go nice hanging on the wall!  I had my students work with partners to complete it. 

Similar Figures Cut and Paste Activity for Geometry
After that, we talked about proving triangles similar.  You can find that post here.