Order of Operations and Algebraic Expressions INB Pages

This is part two of the interactive notebook pages for my first unit in Algebra 1.  You can find part one here.

Day 3 - Order of Operations

In our textbook, order of operations and evaluating algebraic expressions are intertwined into one section.  I thought that was a little much, so I taught them separately.  I planned to use my order of operations foldable, but I changed my mind at the last minute.  I decided to use the foldable by Lisa Davenport and have my students write a little more about grouping symbols at the bottom of the page.

Order of Operations INB Page for Algebra 1

My foldable has room for lots of examples (six actually), but the one I used only has one.  Since I used that one, I added a page of practice on the facing page.  Again with adding pages at the last minute!  I’m going to run out of pages by the end of the year!  I had students complete four examples with me.  Then, they made up their own example, and traded notebooks with a neighbor.  They completed their neighbor’s example and traded back.  When they got their notebooks back, they had to check their neighbor’s work.  I came up with this idea during the lesson and thought it was a constructive way to kill extra time, even though it was kind of lame.  However, the kids kind of liked it.  I let them “grade” their neighbor’s work in red pen.  It’s the little things, I guess…

Order of Operations INB Page for Algebra 1

Day 4 - Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

On this page, I used my foldable.  Under each flap is one example.  Students worked the example, and then on the flap, they were supposed to write hints to themselves.  I made them use parentheses every time they substituted for a variable.  We didn’t do very much with negatives (but we will), however, I want to get them into a good habit.  I also don’t say “plug in”.  It’s not correct mathematical vocabulary.  I always model by saying “substitute” instead.  

On the facing page, we did more examples.  I wasn’t planning to, but once I finished the lesson in first period, I felt like I needed an example page since order of operations had one.  I guess I was trying to be fair?  I made the problems up on the fly and the page looks crummy.  My students didn’t really need the extra practice either.  They did a partner worksheet that was sufficient.  I will dump this page next year :)

Evaluating Expressions Foldable and INB Page for Algebra 1

Day 5 - Quiz

This day I reviewed with them quickly when they got to class, then I had them take a quiz and let them use their notebooks.  They were shocked that it was open note.  However, I’m trying to let them see that their notebooks are useful and it’s important to keep them neat and up-to-date.  I think I will do this periodically.

I’ll post part three with the end of my unit soon!


  1. Can you tell me what font you used for "evaluating algebraic expressions"? Thanks! Love your blog! Thanks for sharing!

    1. The font is called Smiley Monster. It's a font by Kevin and Amanda. You can find it here: http://www.kevinandamanda.com/fonts/freescrapbookfonts/smiley-monster/


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