Using Advertisements to Teach Logic

Need a fun idea for teaching conditional statements in high school geometry?  This free project is relevant for students and can even fit in their interactive notebooks!

It’s always fun to show students examples of logic “in the real world” when we begin talking about proofs.  I really like the old Direct TV commercial that is basically one long conditional statement in the form of “If you give a mouse a cookie…”.  

This is a project I’ve done with my students in the past.  It’s interesting to see what kind of advertisements they come up with.  First, students find an ad.  Honestly, the best ones are ripped out of magazines.  Then, they answer the questions about the ad.  The example that I would put on the back of the assignment was a Sketchers ad with Kim Kardashian.  When I hand out the assignment, we  go over this ad together and talk about the implied messages the ad is sending.  Then, students come up with conditional statements.

It’s just a quick project/homework assignment, but it keeps my students from asking “When are we ever going to use this?” when we start proofs.  Anything that keeps whining about proofs to a minimum is great in my book!

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Unit Circle INB

I was hoping I would get to use this interactive notebook page idea next year.  I'm a little sad that I won't!  I was secretly hoping to teach pre-cal next year...not sure why...

Unit Circle Interactive Notebook Page  |

I found this small unit circle from Jean Adams on TpT.  It's a free download.  I like that it's small enough to fit in the notebook and still has room to label all of the important information.

Unit Circle Interactive Notebook Page  |

I also drew a little coordinate grid to help students remember where the x and y values are positive and negative.  Sometimes it's nice to have a quick reference.

Unit Circle Interactive Notebook Page  |

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Function Operations INB

It's not a foldable, but I really like this interactive notebook page idea.  I (secretly) look for excuses to get out markers.  This page has colors that actually have function.  I've posted before about using color with a purpose, which basically means having students color-code their notes.

Function Operations Interactive Notebook Page |

One nice thing about this page is that you can change the example problems based on the class period.  I always seem to have class periods that struggle and class periods that fly through things.  You could use different examples throughout the day, depending on the class.

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Calculating Slope from Two Points Activity

I have a huge folder with lots of unfinished blog posts in it, so I think it’s time that I start posting them!

This is an interactive notebook page idea for calculating slope from two points.  Students should have notes on the left side of the page, and on the right side of the page, they have have this practice activity.

Slope Between Two Points Interactive Notebook Page Activity Idea |

I will probably use this next year with my algebra 1 kids.  I may make little pockets for the slopes though.  Then they can practice sorting and resorting the slopes instead of having them glued in.

I really like that this has examples with a slope of zero and an undefined slope.  I try to include this in EVERY SINGLE thing I make with slopes, because students seem to still have so much trouble with it when they get to geometry.

You can find this activity here.

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