Triangle Congruence Interactive Notebook Page

22 October 2015

My geometry students always seem to fall within two categories: they love triangle congruence (because they think it's easy) or they hate triangle congruence.  There seems to be no middle ground.  My students that hate triangle congruence seem to have the biggest problem remembering the theorems.  The letters of the shortcuts just seem to swim in their heads.  So, I created this foldable to help them sort it out.

Triangle Congruence Interactive Notebook Page - idea for geometry  |

All of the triangle congruence shortcuts are listed, including the "false shortcuts" that students seem to fall for.

Triangle Congruence Interactive Notebook Page - idea for geometry  |

Inside each of the tabs is an example and the theorem written in words.  I always like to include theorems written in words so students can become more comfortable with math language.  You can find the foldable here.

Triangle Congruence Foldable - for geometry interactive notebook  |

Triangle Congruence Foldable - for geometry interactive notebook  |

Every year, my students ALWAYS seem to use SSA as a shortcut.  I try to ham it up and make a big deal out of not using it.  I say "Ahhh! We don't use bad words in math class - forward or backward!" and "There are no donkeys in here!".  I try to go over the top with acting so that my students will remember.  I like to show this video to help students visualize why it doesn't work.

What is your favorite activity when teaching triangle congruence?

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  1. I just used this today with my 8th grade geometry students. They loved it, and it was a great way for them to organize all the new information. Thanks!

  2. Great resource! Where is the download for the foldable? Thanks!

  3. The foldable can be found here:


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