Angles in Triangles Interactive Notebook Page

05 July 2015

The first lesson in my Triangle Congruence unit is about triangle theorems.  This is the lesson with the Triangle Sum Theorem, the Exterior Angle Theorem, and the corollaries that follow from those theorems.  

This is the overall page that I would use for this lesson.  This foldable is one that is available in my TpT store.  I would make sure that my students wrote a few reminders off to the side of the foldable.  Basically, I would have them write anything that that particular class period had been struggling with.  Usually that ends up some variation of what I have written in purple.  There is also room for students to write their own reminders or notes.

Angles in Triangles Interactive Student Notebook Page Idea

Each tab has the theorem and an example.  For the Exterior Angle Theorem, I really like color-coding it this way.  After doing this a few times, I can usually prompt students that need help by just circling and putting dots on their paper, no words required.

Angles in Triangles Interactive Student Notebook Page Idea

The bottom tab has all of the corollaries that follow from the top two theorems.  I typically find that my students forget the last one, so I made that the example.  It’s a super helpful shortcut, so I want them to remember it.

Angles in Triangles Interactive Student Notebook Page Idea

I hope this idea is helpful the next time you're teaching this!

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