Graphing Rational Functions

My Algebra 2 Honors students have been learning about rational functions.  So, the other day I drug out my giant paper (presentation pad) and had them practice graphing rational functions on the giant paper.

I split them into groups of three.  Then I gave each group a sheet of paper, two functions, and two coordinate grids.  I did not let them get out calculators.  They were supposed to list everything they could figure out about the function (I gave them suggestions on the board) and graph the function.  I told them to only list things they knew were correct.

Here are some of their semi-finished products:

Graphing Rational Functions Activity  |

Graphing Rational Functions Activity  |

Graphing Rational Functions Activity  |

When all the groups were finished, I hung the sheets around the room.  I had the students walk around an add any missing information or correct any mistakes.

It was a simple activity, but my students enjoyed doing something different.

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  1. I love this idea! I'm teaching Algebra 2 for the first time so I am searching for ideas. Do you happen to have the equations you used?

  2. I didn't save the equations. I actually just typed out a few equations that were in my student's textbook.


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