6 Reasons I Love Matching Cards

18 September 2014
It’s no secret that I love matching cards.  I have several sets in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and several more that I have made or downloaded from other places.  Here are just a few reasons that I love them:

Matching cards are great for use in the classroom.  Here's why.     mrseteachesmath.blogspot.com

1.  Matching cards are self explanatory.  I don’t have to give the kids instructions at all.  When I spread out the plastic baggies on the counter, the kids know exactly what to do.

2.  Matching cards promote discourse.  Whenever I use matching cards, I hear great mathematical conversations between my students.  

3.  Matching cards help kinesthetic learners.  Many of my ADHD students can sit and focus while using matching cards, because they have something in their hands to manipulate and work with.

4.  Matching cards are low stress for students.  There aren’t blank spaces on a worksheet staring them in the face.  Students feel like they are making progress as they are matching cards.

5.  Matching cards give students a starting point.  If students are stuck, they have an answer bank where they can look for hints.  I’ve found that this makes kids much more willing to use their notes and other resources.

6.  Matching cards break up the monotony of worksheets.

Have you used matching cards in your classroom?  What do you like or dislike about them?

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