Trig Scavenger Hunt

The other day, I realized that I was going to have a little extra time in class.  Crazy, I know!  So at the last minute I decided to use a cool activity that I found online. Basically, the kids did a worksheet, but they colored in their answers.  It was so easy for me to check; I just made sure that their picture matched mine.  I'm really an elementary teacher in disguise.  I love anything that has the kids color, cut, glue, etc.!

Here's my answer key:

Trig Ratio Scavenger Hunt (free download) - activity for geometry students  |

These are some examples of the kid's work:

Trig Ratio Scavenger Hunt (free download) - activity for geometry students  |

* I'd like to give credit to whoever made the activity.  However, I couldn't find any information, so I linked to the page instead.  If you know who I can credit, please let me know!

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  1. I like this for my juniors Alg II/Trig class. Did they work individually on this?

  2. Each of mine completed their own sheet. Some of them asked classmates questions on certain problems, but they all had to turn in their own sheet.

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