Secondary Math Dollar Deals

The third annual #mathdollardeals is here!  Each Tuesday in July find secondary math resources for $1.

I hope you're not too focused on school and planning right now.  You need a break!  However, if you're around a computer this summer, be sure to check out this summer's dollar deals.

I've partnered with some great math TpT sellers to bring you the THIRD annual July Dollar Deals and we are so excited!  This July has five Tuesdays, so there will even be an extra day for you to save.  If there is a specific topic or activity you would like to see on sale, be sure to leave a comment so that we can make it happen!

There are 3 ways to find the $1 sale resources:

  1. This blog post each Tuesday in July
  2. This pinterest board
  3. Searching #mathdollardeals on Teachers pay Teachers
I will also be emailing my subscribers a reminder each Monday night, so that you won't miss out!


  1. Your high school geometry items I would Love to see on sale. Thanks

    1. Any specific item in particular? Let me know what you need! :D

  2. I'm hoping for some interactive games and activities on adding/subtracting integers, solving quadratic formulas (specifically completing the square and graphing), and solving multi-step equations.

  3. I hope all of your 6-8th grade pennants go on sale! Also, invite All Things Algebra - she has awesome resources and full curriculum resources too. Topics of interest include Financial Literacy resources & activities, as well as middle-high school Classroom Economy resources. Thank you so much for doing this! And thanks to all vendors who are participating.

  4. How do you get the $1 deal? Is there a promo code?

  5. I see they are all $1 except the multi-step equations with variables on both sides clock activity


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