Quadrilaterals INB Pages - Part 2

I shared the first part of my quadrilaterals unit a couple of months ago.  I didn’t share all of the pages though!

I still need to make decent pages for kites and trapezoids.  I had my students just take notes in their notebooks.  I want to make something better for next year.  I had my students do LOTS of practice with the different properties of special quadrilaterals.

First, I had my students fill in this family tree for quadrilaterals.  I had another separate family tree page for special parallelograms, but I forgot to take a picture of it!  This family tree is part of my Special Quadrilaterals Always, Sometimes, Never Card Sort.  

On the next page, I had my students do the card sort in their notebooks.  

Then, I gave my students this sheet for them to check off the properties in columns.  It’s part of my Special Quadrilaterals Properties Cut Out Activity.  

On the last page for this unit, I used quadrilaterals task cards as review problems.  I had students glue the task cards in their notebooks and write the answer off to the side.  I shrunk the task cards when I copied them, so they would fit into their notebooks nicely.

These pages were a good review and wrap up of the rest of the unit.  Kids have so much trouble keeping the properties straight, that I try to do as many activities as possible!