Functions, Tables, and Graphs INB Pages

I used these interactive notebook pages during my functions unit in Algebra 1.  It built on my student's previous knowledge, which I loved!

There are three main parts on the notebook page.

three views of a function foldable  {function rule, table, and graph} for algebra 1 interactive notebooks

First, I reminded students of the definition of the words "discrete" and "continuous".  They learned these words in Pre-Algebra and in science class.  However, I wanted to make sure they were in their notes.  Then, we completed a foldable relating an equation, table, and a graph.  I also had students label key features of a graph.

After we completed the different parts of the notes page, I had students practice with a partner on a practice page.  I copied the page at 80% so it would fit in their notebook.  I could have left it full sized and used it as homework though.

three views of a function practice page  {function rule, table, and graph} for algebra 1 interactive notebooks

This is what the pages look like as a "spread".  I like to plan pages as a two page spread, like a newspaper.  :)  To keep my students interested, I copied everything on different colors and I let them choose what colors they wanted.  Honestly, I dropped a stack of colored paper on the way to the copier, so I made it work ;)

three views of a function foldable  {function rule, table, and graph} for algebra 1 interactive notebooks

You can find the foldable and practice page here.


  1. I believe that this info will be much helpful for me to know about functions table and graphs inb pages and their usage in a better way.

  2. I really like the way you use the interactive notebook to exemplify multiple representations. I feel like students always struggle with the fact that the there are many ways that they can represent data without changing the data set. I definitely think I am going to try this in the future. Do you have any other suggestions for how to show students that multiple representations do not change the data set beyond this?

    1. Hi Pat!

      Really, this is all I use. I may do more examples that have students switch between the representations, but I don't have anything "cool" that I do. Besides this foldable, I normally have my students do work out of their textbook to switch back and forth between the forms. Sorry!


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