Angles in Polygons INB Pages

I feel like I’ve been so focused on Algebra 1 lately that Geometry has been on the back burner!  I have so many Geometry INB pages to share.

I used three pages for my Angles in Polygons lesson.  I don’t typically use that many pages for a lesson, but it happened.  I prefer to do a two-page spread for each lesson.  That’s my fav.

First, I gave my students a table with polygons and spaces for the number of sides, number of internal triangles, and the angle sum.  This is a pretty common page (I think everyone has some version of this!), but you can find mine here.  By the time we got to the hexagon, my students were tired of it and had figured out the pattern.  Every year my kids have thought this was lame.  Either my delivery with this part of the lesson is incredibly boring (quite possible!) or I need to come up with something a little different.

Angles in Polygons Interactive Notebook Investigation Activity for Geometry

Then, we completed this foldable for all of the different formulas for the interior and exterior angles.  We had talked about them on the previous page, but this foldable just put it all together more neatly.  There were also practice problems inside.  I wrote a few notes at the top of the page too.  See the whiteout smudge?  I was asking a student nicely (ahem, stern teacher voice) to stop talking while I was talking, and I started writing what I was saying to the kid.  Everyone thought that was funny…  Me, not so much.

angles in polygons foldable for geometry interactive notebooks

Lastly, I gave my students this sheet of practice problems.  I gave them a few minutes to work with their partners and told them to skip around.  Then, I interrupted them (for time sake) and we went over it as a class.

 *free*  angles in polygons practice page for geometry interactive notebooks