Transformations and Translations INB Pages

This year, I taught geometric transformations at the end of first semester.  It’s a unit that is easy to move around and I needed to fill a weird length of time before final exams.  I didn’t go as in-depth this year as I have in the past, but I will have the same students again next year for Algebra 2 and can fill any holes then.  

First, I started with a page to introduce all of the vocab that goes with the unit.  Straightforward, quick, and uninteresting.

Geometric Transformations Interactive Notebook Page for Geometry

Next, I taught translations.  This lesson always goes pretty quick.  It’s nice to start with an easy lesson like this one though, because you can use TONS of vocab and students can get used to hearing it throughout the lesson.  This page and the previous page are in my TpT store.  

Translations Interactive Notebook Page for Geometry

Next, I have a practice page for translations.  I printed it on legal paper and cut it in half.  Have I mentioned my LOVE of legal paper for INBs?  Cut in half, it fits perfectly in a notebook and there is overall less wasted space.  This page is uninteresting, but worked very well.  I had my students complete it with their partners and we regrouped as a class to check it.

Translations Practice Interactive Notebook Page for Geometry