When I’m teaching congruent triangles, CPCTC always ends up being such a short lesson, because it seems so obvious to me.  That’s been ok for me in the past.  However, this year, I think I should have had my students work with CPCTC a little bit more.  I’ve been trying to keep up with our curriculum map, only to find out that it’s incorrect.  I could have spent more time in this unit and I wish I did!

Anyway, this is the page I used for CPCTC.  There are zero fancy things on this page.  It’s actually kind of lame.  I had the students copy down the proofs themselves.  Yeah, I’m not doing that again.  I have too many LD students for that to be a good teacher-choice.  I want to make a little proof booklet for CPCTC like I did for parallel lines and triangle congruence shortcuts.

CPCTC Interactive Notebook Page for Congruent Triangles Unit in Geometry

Also, learn from my fail.  Don’t have kids copy down the whole proof themselves.  :)  It ends up super messy and illegible.