Parallel Lines INB Pages

I just tested my students over parallel lines in Geometry and they did much better than I expected!  Their proof skills are improving so much.  

The first interactive notebook page for this unit was this graphic organizer from All Things Algebra.  I had students color-code the angle pairs and they also marked on their diagrams.

Angles formed by Lines and Transversals graphic organizer for interactive notebooks in geometry

Next, I used my foldable for parallel line angle pair relationships.  Under each flap is a diagram with the definition, the theorem (congruent or supplementary) and an example.  I also had students write the theorems in shorthand under the foldable.  I do not allow students to write the theorem names when writing proofs, but I do allow them to use short hand.  This shorthand that I gave was the minimum amount they could write in a proof.

Parallel Lines and Transversals Angle Pairs Foldable for geometry interactive notebooks

I created a hamburger book for practice with proofs.  I ended up doing some cut and paste with my proofs task cards to create this.  I want to create a better looking book (that faces the correct direction!) for next year.

parallel lines and transversals proofs for interactive notebooks

I made the students actually write out the parallel lines converse theorems.  I think they needed the muscle memory.  I also allowed them to use the converse of the shorthand they used for the original theorems.  The little mini-book at the bottom has lots of copy and pasted diagrams inside (read: ugly) from their textbook with examples.

Proving Lines are Parallel interactive notebook page for geometry

I created another proofs practice hamburger book for the proofs with the converse theorems.  I copied and pasted from my task cards.  Again, this needs beautifying for next year.  It also bugs me that they have to turn their books to read it.  I left tons of space on the side of the proof so students could write themselves hints.  They are starting to notice patterns in proofs and I wanted them to use this space to note that in their notebooks.

parallel lines and transversals proofs for interactive notebooks

The next page has the perpendicular lines theorems.  In the past, I have also done proofs with the perpendicular lines theorems.  However, this year I made the executive decision that I wouldn’t include these theorems in their proofs.  It isn’t required in our standards, but I always included it for good measure.  I haven’t yet decided if leaving it out is a good move or a bad move.  The page is to be printed on legal or ledger paper and trimmed down to fit in their notebooks.  A friend has gotten me hooked to using the giant paper.  :)

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Theorems Notes for Interactive Notebooks in Geometry