Dear Teacher...

Dear Teacher at Back to School:

You’re excited.  You’re nervous.  You’re hopeful.  I know, because I am too.  It’s hard to stay focused during the school year, so there are a few things I would like to remind you of.
a letter to teachers preparing for back to school
Your classroom doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy.  Classroom decor should be at the bottom of your to-do list.  What’s more important?  Course descriptions.  Procedures.  Lesson plans.  Most classrooms you see on Pinterest are the result of organization and refinement over years.  Don’t stress about it.

Don’t be a teacher that you’re not.  Use whatever teaching style works for you.  If guided notes are your thing, then use them!  If Powerpoints are your jam, rock it!  The best way for you to teach is the way you’re most comfortable and most effective with your students.  

Try to give others the benefit of the doubt.  It is so easy to get beaten down through the school year.  Dealing with admin, parents, and other teachers can get exhausting.  Try to give others the benefit of the doubt before assuming they are attacking you.  It will help you have a more pleasant year.

Find a group to help.  I don’t teach at a school where I have a team.  I’m the only one teaching my courses.  It is helpful to find a group.  I really like the Facebook group Secondary Math Teacher Community.  Read blogs.  Buy things on Teachers pay Teachers.  Find a group of people where you can go when you have questions.  You do not have to live on an island and have all the answers.

You rested this summer (hopefully!).  You’ve planned for this year.  Have a great year.

Let’s get to it!