5 Problems Solved by Using Digital Activities

Digital activities are all the rage right now.  In our technology driven culture, I think technology in the classroom is here to stay.  Even if you don’t have devices to use everyday, occasional use can still solve your problems!  Here are five common teacher problems that are solved by using digital activities.
5 Problems Solved by Using Digital Activities - Use Technology in your Classroom with Google Drive  mrseteachesmath.blogspot.com

Low Engagement - Let’s face it.  Some students would be happy to be buried in their laptops/ipads/phones all day.  It can be hard to keep those students engaged in traditional activities, because they won’t participate.  However, digital activities allow those students to use their technology while still participating in the learning activities.

Kids Lose Everything - My students seem to lose everything!  If notes and notes and activities are saved to their personal Drives, they won’t get lost!   …at least it will be harder to lose.

Not Enough Storage Space - Storage is a serious issue for me.  I have files and files of activities that take up a whole filing cabinet.  I’m moving to a very small classroom this year and have no idea where I’m going to store everything.  Digital activities solve your storage issues!

5 Problems Solved by Using Digital Activities - Use Technology in your Classroom with Google Drive  mrseteachesmath.blogspot.com
I have drawers and drawers that look like this.  I kid you not.
Paper and Glue Messes - Some cut and paste activities create a huge mess.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scrubbed glue off of desk tops at the end of the school day.  While messes are fun sometimes, I don’t want them everyday.  Cut and paste activities can be adapted as digital activities to save the mess!

Too Much Grading - I get tired of grading.  I also don’t have enough hours in a day to grade all of the student work that I want to.  Google Forms has a “Quiz” feature that will grade for you.  Flubaroo is an add-on that grades for you as well.  The best part?  They both automatically give statistics for you.

Do digital activities solve any problems for you?  Share below!

If you'd like to see some digital activities for Google Drive in action, check out my video below!

You can find activities for Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive in my TpT store.

Math Activities for Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

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  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing! Great ideas for incorporating technology into the classroom :)

  2. So true! I love how my life has changed for the better using tech.

  3. I have found that saving my files digitally is so much easier. It is important to have a really simple filing system though! I began filing things by topic: Multiplying Double Digits, etc.

    1. That's a good idea! I always end up with so many folders and subfolders it's unreal!

  4. Less grading- yes! I'm also looking forward to using Kaizena too. It will allow someone to leave voice comments on a paper.
    Tech is a great problem solver!
    Darlene Anne
    ELA Buffet

  5. Yes! Google Classroom has saved me HOURS from standing in front of the copy machine for the last two years. Saving my files on Google Docs also let's me access them anywhere without the fear of losing files on a jump drive or gunking up my email.


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