Quadratic Formula Derivation

My Geometry Honors students have been cutting and gluing so much lately.  I think I’m going through a crafty phase in my teaching.  :)  I thought my Algebra 2 Honors kids might like to get in on the craftiness.  

I love using this activity to help students see the proof of the quadratic formula.  I use it as part of the lesson and have students add it to their foldable notes.

I typically derive the quadratic formula by hand for my students on the board while they follow along.  This year, I typed up each step in the proof and had my students derive it themselves.  It worked so well and they enjoyed doing it.  You can download the file that I used.

Quadratic Formula Derivation - activity file download

Quadratic Formula Derivation - activity file download

When we were finished, I showed them a couple of videos to help them memorize the quadratic formula.

This was my student's favorite.

Overall, it was a fun day in Algebra 2 Honors.