Reviewing with Stations Mazes

I feel like I've been reviewing with my classes so much lately!

I love helping my math students review by using stations mazes!  It's the perfect hands on way to keep middle and high school students engaged.  They are perfect to use the day after the notes or lesson.  This post has a FREE polynomials stations maze for Algebra 2.  It is perfect to use at the end of a polynomial functions unit.

In Geometry, my students just took their test on quadrilaterals.  I have several activities in my files, but I wanted to do something to review that kept the kids active.  It's been such dreary weather here lately that I'm sure they would start falling asleep if they weren't up and moving!  I decided to use a stations maze.  In a "stations maze", I create stations with a multiple choice question on each station.  The answer to each station points them to the next station they should visit.  The students keep track of the order that they visited the stations and I only check the order of the stations.  

Reviewing with Stations Maze Activities - fun geometry and algebra 2 activities  |

I hung the stations up all around my room on the walls and the whiteboards.  I don't hang the stations in order; the kids think I do this to be sneaky.  I try to alternate problems that take longer to solve with quick ones.  That way, the kids aren't bumping into each other at every station.  It also helps keep the groups moving throughout the classroom instead of congregating around one or two stations for a long time.  I like to hang some of the problems with longer calculations on the whiteboard with a marker underneath.

Reviewing with Stations Maze Activities - fun geometry and algebra 2 activities  |

This is my Quadrilaterals Stations Maze that I have listed on Teachers Pay Teachers.

In Algebra 2 Honors, we had been reviewing polynomials for a few days (we had gotten ahead of the course pacing).  I decided to do a stations maze to break things up and review a little.  The maze I made has some review problems interspersed; I like to keep them on their toes.

This maze is in my free resource library.  Don't have access?  Sign up here!

Reviewing with Stations Maze Activities (polynomials stations maze download)