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I can’t believe that it’s already December!  That means that it’s time to link up with Farley for this month’s currently!

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Listening - I shamelessly binge-watch TV shows.  I’ve had Parks and Rec on in the background this whole weekend.  Netflix is awesome.

Loving - It’s been in the low 80s this weekend and it’s been so nice!  It’s supposed to be in the upper 70s for most of this week too.  I love not having to carry around a jacket.

Wanting - I have my TPT shopping cart loaded and ready to go for the big sale that starts tomorrow.  I’m wanting to get this show on the road!  I think my cart is pretty tame compared to some others that I’ve heard about.  Here’s everything in my cart:

I’m also crushing pretty hard on these two sets of digital papers.  I don’t need them, but they’ve been on my wish list forever and I love them!

Needing - I have been doing pretty good staying on track with working out and eating healthy.  However, this week I was out of my routine and it was Thanksgiving….  Yeah, I pretty much lost it at the end of this week.  I have my breakfasts and lunches prepped and ready to go!

Giving - This is my last teaching week this semester!  Next week is “Review Week” and I’m not allowed to teach new material.  The next week is midterm exams and I will only see my students one day.  So, I decided that I’m not giving any homework at all for this week or the rest of the semester!  Yay!

Happy December!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I found you on the December Currently! I love Parks and Rec… I am reading Amy Pohlers new book, Yes Please Right now.
    Come and check out my current Currently!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

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  3. Wow, thanks for putting me on your wish list (and for your mention!) I really love reading your blog. I don't teach math currently but I would definitely be using your stuff if I was!

    1. I bought the flags during the sale. They are super cool! I think that I'm going to make them a unit long homework assignment or project during our area unit. The flags must have taken forever for you to draw!


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