Sunday Scoop

Today I'm linking up with Teaching Trio to share my Sunday Scoop.  This is just a quick update into what's going on in my life right now!

Mrs E Teaches Math - Sunday Scoop

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  1. I want to take a nap with my dog Augie! I think every teacher whose blog I've read today says she is doing laundry. I swear my laundry breeds.

  2. A nap sounds so nice! I never get to take naps because I figure I'll just go to bed early (which doesn't ever end up happening -lol!) Have a great weekend!
    -Lovely Nina

    1. I am a serial napper! I take a nap, then stay up wayy too late. Then, I want a nap the next day. It's a vicious cycle. I love naps though!

  3. If you're doing crossfit 4 times a week you deserve lovely naps on Sundays!
    Growing Little Learners


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