3-2-1 Sunday Summary

3 Things That Made Me Smile This Week
  • My parents just so happened to be on my side of town on Friday at lunchtime. Because of a schedule change, I was able to sneak out of school for about an hour to meet them at Chickfila for lunch.  It was WONDERFUL!  Sometimes it is refreshing to step out of the building and away from kids for a little bit.
  • I stayed after school extra late on Friday (until 7!) to do extended testing time as a favor for a former student.  She brought me a Diet Coke as a thank you.  It's so nice to be appreciated!
  • My freshmen in one of my Geometry Honors classes have started telling "punny" math jokes. They kept saying "What does the acorn say when he grows up?  Gee, I'm a tree!"  Since they've been so funny corny lately, I gave them this riddle worksheet from Secondary Math Shop to practice angle relationships in parallel lines. Now, they have another joke for their corny arsenal.  They thought it was super fun and couldn't stop giggling while working.  Sigh, freshmen.
Angles Formed by Parallel Lines Riddle Worksheet

2 Fun Formative Assessments I Used This Week
Fun Formative Assessments
  • I've been using "thumbs up, thumbs down" a lot lately.  I say something like, "So, how are we doing?  with thumbs..."  I have them put their thumbs up if they feel confident, thumbs down if they're totally lost, and wiggle it around if they're in between.  It is SO quick, but easily lets me know if the kids in the back with the weird look in their face is doing ok.
  • Sometimes, I have students make up their own test questions and share them with a partner. I've gotten some great questions this way and it really helps me see if there are any misconceptions.  Sometimes, they try to stump their neighbor and ask HARD questions!  When this happens, I usually pull the whole class together and go over the hard question together.

1 Thing I'm Looking Forward to Next Week
  • I have NO meetings next week!!


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