Avoiding Burnout

Toward the end of the school year I started feeling it.  Burnout.  I was just tired.  I didn’t want to be at school and I didn’t want to think about math.  I think I was over doing it.  I had taken on more responsibilities and it was starting to get to me.  I was a mentor for a new teacher, the geometry team leader, the math department technology mentor, an academic assistance advisor, writing new posts for my blog, and creating new products for Teachers Pay Teachers.  On top of my regular teaching responsibilities, it was just too much!  So, I took a break.  I didn’t post for a while, I closed my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and I went back to my tried and true lessons for my classes. 

Today was my last day of teaching summer remediation.  I’m finally starting to feel like my regular teacher-self again.  I’m having creative ideas and I’m thinking about the upcoming school year.  I’ve set some goals for myself in the upcoming school year that I hope will keep me from feeling this way again.

  • Work out 3 times per week.  I’m usually pretty good about working out, but when I started feeling burned out, I stopped working out.  Working out keeps me sane!

  • Do not take work home during the week.  I don’t mind working at home some, but I think I just need a break sometimes.  I’ll bring things home on the weekend to prepare for the week, if needed, but that’s it.

  • Say no.  I’ve been given lots of extra responsibilities in just my short time teaching.  I’ve been teaching at my school three years and I’ve already been given leadership roles.  I think sometimes they forget that I’m still a young teacher.  I may need to say no sometimes.

For me, these goals are realistic.  I’m going to write them down and hang them near my desk.

What are your goals for the upcoming school year to keep your life balanced?


  1. These look like great goals! I have only been teaching for a few years, but I definitely feel like I was about to fall into that "burnout" black abyss at the beginning of last year. Terrible right?

    One goal that I actually achieved this past year was NOT bringing any work home with me. I think I threw my back out the year before because I was bringing too much home. Not only was I doing this, but I was always the first teacher to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave at night! It was taking a toll on my mental and physical state. I did some reflection and realized I needed to take it easier on myself with new goals.

    I'm glad to see another teacher doing to same! :)

    Common Core Galore and More

    1. Not terrible! I totally understand.

      That's a great goal to accomplish! Not bringing work home is such a big relief. Everyone needs space, and this is a great way to get it. I hope you can continue this into next year!


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